In the Cards

12 April 2022

Meet My Street New4

(Left to Right) Rainy, Jesse and Caitlin.

A simple card to say ‘hello’ was the start of an unlikely friendship between Noarlunga Downs couple Caitlin and Jesse, and their neighbour Rainy.

“The neighbourhood had issues with the previous tenants of this house,” said Caitlin, “So when we moved in, we decided to do whatever we could to make them comfortable again.”

Upon moving in, the young couple went out of their way to introduce themselves to their neighbours – including writing a greeting card to Rainy.

Rainy, who suffers from tunnel vision due to her deteriorating eyesight, returned the favour in person.

“I walked myself across the road and I thanked them,” she said, “Even though, perhaps I shouldn’t be crossing the road by myself!”

Ever since, the two households have become closer than ever.

“She likes to come over and bring us little knick-knacks from her past,” Caitlin said, “They’re things you can’t find anywhere anymore – it’s really incredible!”

From uniquely shaped salt and pepper shakers to animal ornaments and garden statues, Rainy’s gifts have brought whimsy into the couple’s home.

You will also often find the young couple having a cuppa and a chat at Rainy’s house – finding a tranquil retreat in their shared time.

“I love listening to her stories. She’s one of the funniest people we know!”

“She can’t watch TV and she doesn’t really listen to the radio, so sitting in the quiet and enjoying each other’s company is so refreshing,” Caitlin said.

“Rainy has outlived her husband, siblings and even one of her children – so it’s important that we are there for her,” Jesse added.

“Having friends so close by is just lovely,” Rainy agreed.

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