Friends For Life

27 March 2022

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Glenys (top left) with Anne and Richard.

We’ve all heard of life-long friendships, but how about life-saving ones?

For Mitchell Park resident Glenys, the compassion of her neighbours during a medical emergency blossomed into a wonderful friendship.

Originally from Queensland, Glenys was navigating the transition into a new home and community without the support of friends and family. Shortly after moving into her new home, she suffered a serious medical episode.

Neighbours Richard (an ex-Paramedic) and his wife Anne knew that something was seriously wrong when they could hear Glenys struggling to breathe. Wasting no time, they called an ambulance and supported Glenys while they waited.

“I didn’t know them from a bar of soap,” said Glenys. “But I somehow knew that I could trust them.”

After being treated in hospital, Glenys was told that her neighbours’ actions had quite literally saved her life.

“I didn’t feel worried or afraid, I trusted them absolutely, and I’ve never done that in my life.”

Richard and Anne visited Glenys often during her hospital stay, bringing food and keeping her company during her recovery.

They also walked and fed her two beloved dogs, kept on top of her household duties and even maintained her garden in preparation for her return home.

The trio have now become ‘infamously’ great friends, with their good-nature spreading across the surrounding community.

“I’ve got a lot of faith in these people, they’re just good-hearted.” Glenys said.

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