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Introducing Growing Strong, a a podcast series dedicated to the resilience and strength of South Australians.

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A snapshot of our impact on the lives of South Australians over the past 12 months.


Junction is a social enterprise providing a wide range of community support services and quality housing options.

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We work with hundreds of young people each year in the areas of homelessness, counselling and support.

Support for youth

Providing social and affordable housing across urban and regional areas in South Australia.

Looking for housing?

Junction works to build a better future for all through housing, community services and support.

Did you know?

In conjunction with our service partners, we deliver around 50 programs for individuals and families.

From crisis and emergency help to early intervention and outreach programs, we are working to grow stronger, together.

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Reynella East College student Rosemary has grown up fast.

Her dad is blind, her mum suffers from chronic illness and with siblings also living with disabilities, including autism, the now 14-year-old has taken on more responsibility already than many people will in a lifetime.

However, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Latest News


15 October 2020

Hames Sharley has announced three joint winners of the Junction Therapeutic Built Form – Children in Care competition.

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Real Rocker Johnny

12 October 2020

It was the 70s and 18-year-old John Dalzell had a difficult choice to make. The budding bass player could rise to management in a family Bunnings store or take his chances on the music scene.

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A Place With A View - To The Future

17 September 2020

A Junction initiative connecting South Australia’s homeless to others with similar lived experience is paving the way for shared and more secure, private rental opportunities.

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