4 January 2024

Tiny Homes Campus

Junction is planning a bespoke and innovative housing project to help young South Australians.

Junction intends to create a unique “Tiny Homes” campus as part of a community approach to helping young people successfully transition out of the care system.

The Tiny Homes campus will be a collection of 10 new self-contained compact homes set amongst open green space with communal areas for learning and connecting.

The transportable homes, to be custom-built off-site, will be approximately 17sqm in size and feature modular, built-in furniture and storage, a work/study station and a kitchen. Each will also have large windows for natural light and mini-deck areas.

The homes will be made available to 10 young people, aged between 16-18 who are leaving out-of-home care and don’t have family support networks.

The Tiny Homes campus will be staffed by Junction professionals who will provide support and run life-skills programs.

Located on a current vacant parcel of land at Tonsley, the campus will be close to key education sites including TAFE and Flinders University.

“With the Tiny Homes campus we aim to help young people live independently – but with support – so they can learn to thrive as part of a community,” Junction Chief Executive Officer Maria Palumbo said.

"Young people ultimately want to belong and feel safe as well as have the freedom to learn and grow."

“We hope that the life skills they develop on campus will assist them as they prepare to later move into more permanent long-term housing.”

“We are firm believers in the adage that it takes a community to raise a child. Tiny Homes has the potential to make a big positive impact on the lives of many.”

The land, located in Tonsley, is owned by the South Australian Housing Authority and has been leased to Junction.

Junction is engaging with neighbouring residents and the local community to contribute to the regeneration of the site and connecting areas. An Environment Protection Authority(EPA) accredited auditor has been appointed by Junction, to ensure the site is suitable for the proposed development and to enable the project to positively contribute to the area and the community in the safest and most sustainable way.

“This is an innovative solution that not only bridges a gap in the care of vulnerable young people, but also brings life back to a site and regenerates it for the benefit of the whole community,” Ms Palumbo said.

“The reality is children leaving care are more likely to experience homelessness, complex health issues and end up in the justice system. They need care and support to help them succeed into adulthood.”

“Right now, there are very few options for young people exiting care. Through the Tiny Homes campus, we are offering an opportunity to live in a safe and supportive environment and pursue study or employment to set themselves up for the future.”

Junction is a social enterprise supporting around 10,000 South Australians each year through housing and community services.


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