15 June 2021


Goolwa local Stephen is “standing taller” thanks to our Staying Home on the Fleurieu program.

“It’s helped me dramatically,” Stephen, who has struggled with mental health challenges for many years, said.

Junction’s Early Intervention and Prevention Worker Jodie Price, whose position is funded by the pilot program said it was about housing first – but also, support.

“It’s about working with real estate and property managers and others involved in housing and community services across the region to help people find private rental housing and importantly, sustain it,” Jodie explains.

“Through the program we were able to assist Stephen to gain and move into his new rental, but that was really the beginning.

“From there it was helping Stephen to fit out his home so he had the things he needed to cook, clean and live with both dignity and independence.”

Jodie also assisted Stephen to access much needed dental services to improve his health and wellbeing.

Since then, Stephen’s confidence and self-esteem has increased and he’s now sporting a beaming smile too.

“I work out in my gym at home and walk many kilometres every day which is really good for me,” Stephen said.

Stephen is a Volunteer at a local Community Centre delivering Emergency Relief to those in need and also volunteers with Relationships Australia mentoring young people experiencing addictions or challenges within their lives.

Staying Home in the Fleurieu is funded through The Wyatt Trust and the Fleurieu Community Foundation.

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