Shaping a young persons life.

We manage a foster care program or children and young people, offering both long and short term care options.

Our program stretches across metropolitan Adelaide and Fleurieu Peninsula and operates alongside our residential care services.


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foster carer?

Our foster carers come from all walks of life — from diverse backgrounds, communities and cultures. What they have in common is their ability to provide a secure home and the best possible care. Our assessment criteria is not determined by sexuality, gender, relationship status, race or religion.

As a Junction foster carer, you:

  • Are a minimum of 25 years of age

  • May or may not have children of your own

  • Can be single, married or in a de facto relationship

  • Are a permanent resident

  • Can be from LGBTIQA+ communities

  • Live in a home you rent or own

  • Have a bedroom to spare for a child or young person

  • Can come from any religion, spirituality or nationality

  • Are willing to open your heart and home to a young person from any cultural background, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Our team will assist you in discovering the foster care arrangement that best fits your family’s needs. Whether you’re considering long-term, short-term, or occasional care, becoming a foster carer with Junction means joining a community of like-minded people who are all helping young people thrive.


regular face-to-face check-ins,
home visits and additional 24/7 oncall


allowing you to be well-equipped to
provide best possible care.


Keeping you up to date with our
regular newsletter, information
sharing and career-specific events


Submit your enquiry


A friendly member of
our team will call you
to discuss your
unique situation.


If you are the right fit,
you will then undergo a
pre-assessment. This
will include face to face
interviews and home


The next step is to
begin a full assessment,
during which you will
receive training to
ensure you are
completely prepared to
deliver the highest
quality care.


Once you have
completed all the
above, you will be ready
to welcome a child or
young person into your


Foster Care provides a child or young person, who is unable to live with birth parents, a different family who will provide them with a safe, secure and caring home free from abuse and neglect.
It is always the hope that a child will live with their biological family or where possible, transition back to them over a period of time, when it is safe for this to happen. Where this is not possible, a child will need care until they turn 18 years or beyond.
Caring for a young person in Foster Care will be different depending on their needs. Short term can range from a few days to a few months; long term can be from months to several years, or could even become permanent.
Junction supports Specific Child Only (SCO) Care and General Foster Care placements in the greater metropolitan Adelaide region and the Fleurieu peninsula.
As a foster carer, you will receive a reimbursement designed to help cover the day-to-day costs of caring for a child.
The payment is not classed as an income and does not need to be listed in:
  • Tax returns
  • Commonwealth benefits applications
  • Loan applications
Carers may be eligible for an additional payment to help with the extra costs of caring for a child with special needs.
Collaboration is one of our organisation’s key values. This extends to our foster carers – as the most important part of the care team for the child they have opened their home – and heart – to.
We see our role as being as supportive to our carers as possible, with the child’s health and wellbeing our shared priority.
This includes helping foster families provide a safe and stable environment for the child and providing education and resources to carers to give the child or young person opportunities to maximise their potential
Importantly, we work with carers to build connections within the child’s community to strengthen lifelong bonds.
Referrals to other Junction services, programs and initiatives can be made at any time. Just speak with your Support Worker for help or more information.
Junction’s Child and Youth Services employs therapeutic specialists who have a deep understanding of the impact of trauma to the brain and help us to respond to behaviours associated with this in ways that are supportive to the child or young person’s development.
Your support worker will be a key source of support for you and your child. They will help develop and maintain positive and transparent communication lines within the care team, as well as provide practical advice, assistance, support and education as you need.
As mentioned above, through our partnership with Inspired Psychology, you will also have access to therapeutic specialists. Specially trained and experienced Inspired Psychology staff have a deep understanding of the impact of trauma to the brain and help us to respond to behaviours associated with this in ways that are supportive to the child or young person’s development.
Together we work closely with the child’s DCP Case Worker to ensure the child continues to receive support and resources to thrive and grow.
Yes. We have an On Call Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays. Our After Hours number is 0488 886 255.
You can contact us via our feedback page (junctionaustralia.org.au/feedback).