Socially Responsible Business Program

“Seeley International enjoys helping the deserving, and is a long-time fan and supporter of Junction, and I strongly encourage you to support their wonderfully worthwhile community work, which is making such a difference to those most in need.”

- Frank Seeley, Seeley International (SRB Partner)

What is the Socially Responsible Business Program?

The Socially Responsible Business Program (SRB program) is a mutually beneficial opportunity for businesses to give back to their community. By working together we aim to make a lasting difference that we can be proud of into the future.

Benefits of becoming a Socially Responsible Business Partner:

Each SRB relationship is different and varies based on what our SRB's values are, what they are passionate about, and how they can support Junction to make a difference. Becoming an SRB begins with a conversation where we decide how we can best work together and develop a partnership that works for both parties.

Overall, Socially Responsible Businesses:

  • Recognise that good “corporate citizenship” extends beyond simply abiding by the law and embraces the highest level of involvement between their business and the community in which they operate.
  • Create positive changes and valuable contributions to the quality of life for their workforce, families and the broader community.
  • Balance profit making activities with activities that benefit society.

It would not be possible for us to provide these services to South Australia’s most vulnerable people and communities without the continued support of our Socially Responsible Business Partners.

For more information on becoming a Socially Responsible Business Partner, please contact us on (08) 8203 5700 or email

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SRB Success Story: Redarc

Redarc first became aware of Junction in 2011 through our Christmas Appeal. They became a Socially Responsible Business partner in 2015 when Hackham Community Centre needed funding to avoid closure. Because of Redarc's support as an SRB, the centre is now thriving, and is a safe haven to many who are struggling or need a place to connect with their community.

Redarc continue to support the community centre and with their donations we have been able to expand and provide basic items such as tables and chairs. All of this is vital to ensuring we provide a welcoming place to all who need it.

Whilst they have largely supported the centre, Redarc have also been actively involved in other areas of Junction's work. From CEO, Anthony Kittel, speaking at Junction events, to volunteers assisting in re-building a client's backyard, Redarc and its staff are committed to giving back to their community.