2 August 2022

Star on The Rise

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Amber showing us some of her clay art.

Life’s hectic for Noarlunga Downs resident Amber – and that’s just the way she likes it.

The 16-year-old is completing Year 10 – and Year 11 maths – while working part time in a local bakery and undertaking a barista course.

Despite her busy schedule, Amber’s hard work is paying off. She was awarded the Highest Performing Academic Student for the past two years at Willunga High school. This was in addition to being among the 2021 Community Housing ARTS (CHARTS) awards winners for her poem ‘New Moon, Consume’.

As part of Amber’s CHARTS prize pack, she won a three-day intensive course at the Adelaide Central School of Arts (ACSA). This provided her access to multiple artistic mediums and platforms, as well as first-hand insight and tips from some of South Australia’s most experienced artists.

Amber Poem

Amber’s Poem, winner of the Youth Artist Poetry and Literature category in the 2021 Community Housing Arts Awards (CHARTS).

Harnessing experience gained from using clay for the first time during the ACSA course, Amber has since refined her skills and started making jewelry and other nick-nacks.

“I’ve never worked with clay before,” she said. “It just came naturally”

Although Amber’s favourite subjects at school are maths and science, she has always enjoyed the creative freedom she derives from art.

Congratulations Amber! We can’t wait to see where your commitment and talents take you.

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