Rachel's Story

Rachel's Story

At just 15 years of age, Rachel* found herself pregnant. At that time her family was unable to care
for her, with her own mother in intensive care and a no support network around her, Rachel turned
to Junction Australia. Living in a small Junction Australia property, Rachel gave birth to her
first child, a little boy!

During and after his birth she was supported with learning basic life skills such as budgeting and cooking, all while completing years 11 and 12 and caring for her child. Junction Australia even supported Rachel through earning her driver’s license, with staff taking her out driving and arranging lessons for her.

When her child was still only very small, her partner died suddenly in a motorcycle accident, and Rachel was left alone to raise their child. Only days after his funeral, she found out she was pregnant with their second child.

Through all of this, Rachel graduated year 12, and began studying Aged Care at TAFE SA. As the years went on, Rachel’s life began to slowly improve again. She had her second child and soon both her children were in school, she met a new partner, got married, and they had a child together.

Just when things seemed to be looking up, the unthinkable happened. Her third child died suddenly, and Rachel felt as if her world had ended. She fell into a deep depression, and felt unable to go on. At this time Junction Australia supported the family through arranging the funeral, and helped the family heal and move forward.

Slowly Rachel re-built her confidence, she found her strength again and along with it, a new sense of purpose. As Rachel enjoyed her time working in Aged Care, she decided she wanted to do more. She enrolled in Nursing at Flinders University, and Junction Australia continued to support her by supplying her text books.

Now in her final year of Nursing, Rachel is graduating with honours. She is excited for the future, and has a plan. Along with completing her current honours degree, she is studying Chemistry and Physics on the side, so that in a few months she can sit the admissions test to get into Medicine. Rachel plans on becoming a doctor, so she can one day change lives.

We encourage you to read this story through again, keeping in mind that this same woman who has faced adversity and trauma unlike most of us will ever know, is going to become a doctor.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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