Wellbeing with Sheila

November 17, 2020


Junction Senior Councillor Sheila Davidson

Our Senior Counsellor, Sheila, shares some encouragement and positive ideas to help strengthen your well-being in lockdown.

Accepting what you cannot change is the first step in “letting go”. Acceptance does not change the situation, but it takes the fight and worry out of life. Acceptance lowers stress and stops the sensations of worry and panic affecting you.

Self-Care does not mean “selfish”. It means looking after yourself too…and you will be in a better place to help others!



There are times when we may feel overwhelmed and it is helpful to find a quiet spot where we can help ourselves relax before attempting to resume other activities.

When Stressed

Breathe Notice and Name:

  • 5 things you can see…
  • 4 things you can hear…
  • 3 things you can touch…
  • 2 things you can smell...
  • Breathe and relax.

Remember or imagine a peaceful place and use your senses to think about what you can see, hear, taste and touch in this place.

Mindful walking

Focus on your sense of touch, sight, sound and smell in turn. For example, walk for three minutes noticing how the ground feels beneath your feet, how the sun or breeze feels on your skin. For the next three minutes notice what you can see, then what you can hear and what you can smell. If lockdown means you can’t go out in the fresh air, you can do this inside.

Keeping positive

Think of the things that have gone well this year.