To Keep Or Not To Keep Starts With A Cuppa

June 20, 2018

Amelia Balmer, Clutter Management Solutions

For Amelia Balmer, her work generally starts with a cuppa. As the owner of To Keep or Not to Keep – Clutter Management Solutions, Amelia - or Milli - as she is known - said her first step is to understand her clients so she can help them.

“Then we can move on to looking at some items and by adding a label we can see what can go and what can stay,” she said. “For a lot of people, letting go of their belongings can be a really difficult and challenging thing to do. 

I’m really there to support them through that process, to work out why they are keeping things and help them work through whether they really need to hold onto an item.”

To Keep Or Not To Keep was recently engaged by Junction Australia to support tenants with rightsizing their belongings to suit the space in their homes.

 Junction Australia CEO Maria Palumbo said Milli’s service and support had yielded exceptional benefits.

 “If a home is cluttered it can pose significant challenges in regards to the health and safety of residents but also when it comes to property maintenance and repairs,” Ms Palumbo explained.

 “Milli’s gentle but practical support has seen some real transformations not only to homes but also lives.”

 While Milli helps clients with recycling options, cleaning tips and the removal of smaller unwanted items, she said supporting clients to donate items was also very therapeutic for many.

 “A lot of clients say they find it easier to give something away to someone or to donate it, which is really nice and where we can, we try to facilitate that,” she said.