Real Collaboration to Prevent Homelessness

March 12, 2020

Staying Home in the FleurieuJunction CEO, Maria Palumbo pictured with Brad and Peter from the Fleurieu Community Foundation

Staying Home in the Fleurieu is an initiative designed to tackle homelessness via strategic partnerships based on early intervention to stop the breakdown of housing situations.

Junction CEO Maria Palumbo said at the core, it was about working together to help some of the most vulnerable to access stable, appropriate and secure housing and support them to successfully maintain private rental tenancies.

“The most prosperous communities are those where people have access to secure, affordable and stable housing. If we want to be safe and successful as a society, we all have a role to play,” Ms Palumbo said.

“Like our staff, property managers and realtors are at the coal face. Every day they are dealing with people searching for housing. They are also on the front line with tenants, some who, for a range of reasons, are struggling to sustain their tenancy and as a result, face the prospect of homelessness.”

Ms Palumbo said tenants’ details would only be passed on to Junction with their consent.

“By working together we can change outcomes,” she said. “This means reaching out and providing support for tenants before they reach crisis point and often, eviction. It might involve linking them with financial counselling, helping them to maintain their properties or connecting them to programs, like the NDIS, to improve their lives.”

Ms Palumbo said the collaboration initiative, made possible through support from the Wyatt Trust and the Fleurieu Community Foundation, was mutually beneficial with scope to assist property managers and realters to “find the right match”.

“We can also help ensure the right people get the right homes and that the tenancies are successful, with less movement, requiring less lease agreements,” she explained.

“It’s a win-win-win because we are providing homeowners and landlords with more confidence so they can also get the best possible tenancy outcome for their properties.”

For more information: Please contact Danielle Gordon on 0401 696 853.