New Start for Sandy

April 06, 2021

Sandy on-site at the Clifton Park development.

For Sandy, purchasing her own home again after three years of renting felt like a victory.

Having previously owned a home, she lost everything, including her property, due to a stressful marriage breakdown.

“We were married for 20 years and it didn’t end well,” she said. “On top of that, we had to sell the house and we lost a lot of money on it.”

Simply trying to make do with what she had, Sandy felt like home ownership was a far-off dream.

“Due to the split in assets, and the fact that I couldn’t access my pension, I felt like I was just constantly trying to get back on my feet. I really didn’t have the money for any sort of house deposit.”

However, a series of circumstantial events helped make the seemingly impossible possible.

“It was a bit strange how things worked out,” Sandy, who works for Junction, said. “I ended up getting a long service payout last year, which I put straight into a savings account for a future home. I was expecting to save for much longer, but then a month after that, we received the email about Clifton Park.”

Clifton Park, a new Junction housing development in collaboration with property developer Buildtec, comprises 54 quality new homes conveniently located on Anzac Highway.

“I looked into the affordability, as I would qualify for the eligibility criteria. The plans looked inviting and the apartments were close to where I wanted to live,” Sandy said. “I love the fact that it’s a bike ride away from Glenelg beach, and a short tram/bus ride into the city too.”

“I immediately called the agent and we got into discussions about the different, realistic options for financing. Now, I’m in the midst of it all and it’s very exciting.”

Sandy is looking forward to having a place to ‘ground her’ again.

“It’s given me the opportunity to get into stable housing and know that I will have my ‘own home’ when I retire. I can relax knowing I will not be homeless if my rental property owner decides to sell. It’s completely changed my outlook for my future.”

Purchasing her own home also means finally closing the door on a dark period of her life.

“It feels a bit like I’ve conquered something. I’m glad to have come out smiling at the end of it all.”