More than a Cuppa

September 12, 2019


Terezia at Coffee and Craft.

Terezia knows the difference a cuppa can make.

As a single mum who has battled significant illness and depression, she says the impact of this simple gesture cannot be underestimated.

Now, the volunteer facilitator of a new coffee and craft group, Terezia is “sharing the love.”

“Just being able to sit down and have someone make you a cup of tea or coffee and having a chat is such a peaceful thing but something some women never get to do,” Terezia said.

“They don’t have to do craft but if they want to, it’s there – beading or decorating. They can just sit and talk or watch. There’s no pressure. It’s just fluid, and it has to be for those who need it.

“We don’t have to have a room full of people, either.”

While life is good now for Terezia, she is the first to admit, 12 months ago it was a very different story.

“I really hit rock bottom,” she said. “I had been very sick in hospital, and I had really bad anxiety. I was just starting to come out of that when my friend, Eden, bought me along to women’s group here at Hackham (Community Centre).

“I really enjoyed it. Then, I had the chance to facilitate a group leading a mindfulness and gratitude session. I just loved it, and I had so many of the women saying the same thing.

“From there I just wanted to do more.”

Terezia, who has an honours degree in sociology, combines her knowledge and learnings with her personal experiences and intuition to support others.

“I hadn’t realised what I had been through until I heard others’ stories and talked to other people.”

“A support program for women who had experienced domestic violence - that was the ‘icing on the cake for my healing’

“I really understand how important making connections is and just feeling comfortable.

“I’m very happy to be enjoying life again. I have gained so much and grown so much in the last 12 months.

“If I can make one woman happy every time I do this, my job is done.”

Coffee and Craft runs at Hackham Community Centre on Fridays between 12 and 2pm.