More Power to Tenants

August 17, 2018


Junction tenant Arika appreciates, more than most, anything that will help her family cut the cost of power.

As the mum of Lilly, a 12 year old with autism, a JA initiative to install solar panels on 60 homes in Mitchell Park, including hers, has proven “a blessing.” “For Lilly, we to have the lights, music and television going constantly which really chews through the electricity making it costly,” Arika said.

“As low income earners we don’t have any control over the cost of power and the fact that our housing provider was able to help us out goes a long way.”

The ZEN-Junction partnership is delivering a mix of three to five kilowatt solar energy systems on around 100 properties managed by Junction in Mitchell Park. The initiative will equate to more than 1000 solar panels across Junction properties with potential to deliver up to 50 per cent reductions on tenants’ energy bills.

In addition to the Mitchell Park initiative, all new JA properties will now – where possible - have solar inclusion to maximise energy-saving potential for tenants.