Live Training Site in Mitchell Park

December 12, 2016

Junction's 'Live Training Site' Program is a project which Junction has established to provide open common community spaces in two housing complex’s in Mitchell Park. This project was identified as an opportunity and guided by the tenants living in these areas who had input into the design of the common spaces and have had opportunities to engage with each other and the community throughout the project, which has been successful.

The project provides the participants with a Certificate II in Horticulture, plus some construction certificate units at no cost to the students. This certificate was specifically designed around the uniqueness of the housing complexes in partnership with Renewal SA ‘Works’ Program, TAFE SA and APG. This is the first time Renewal SA and TAFE SA have worked in such a close proximity to our tenants, and or dense living environments.

This has been a very successful project with all the students respectfully engaging with our tenants, even going to the extent of doing some gardening for some of our older tenants in these housing complex’s. Procurement opportunities are now starting to be identified in the course with some participants being offered opportunities in paid work and additional work experience in construction and horticulture with local businesses.

At Site 1 the students worked on the already established rotunda to have it more open to community, building a seat, cementing and putting in a garden bed.

Site 2 is the main site where the majority of the certificate is being completed. The students are paving, building a rotunda, horticulture work, implementing a garden bed and building a seat.

Both sites are very close to completion and a graduation ceremony was held for the students on 1 December. We look forward to sharing further photos of the sites very soon!