Life is Now a Dream for Kenny

March 30, 2021

Kenny relaxing in his hammock.

Relaxing in a hammock in his yard, Kenny is finally content.

In less than a year, the keen fisherman has gone from homelessness to homeownership – a turnaround he hoped for, but never really envisaged.

“There was a lot going on,” Kenny, who sought help through our KI Community Centre, said. “I went and saw Bec (Junction outreach worker) at the Centre and she helped me get things sorted out. Initially it was just finding me a place to stay.

“I got a pay out as a result of an accident, Bec encouraged me to put the money into housing – something of my own.

“She helped find this place for me. That was back in October. I loaded up all my stuff and moved in.”

Since then Kenny has been enjoying settling into his house, making a few changes including converting his garage to a ‘man cave’. He’s also been busy planting fruit and vegetables in his eclectic garden.

“I like gardening,” he said. “I’m growing my own beans, tomatoes, rockmelon, capsicum and some carrots. They seem to be going well.

“The neighbours are cool. I love it”

Kenny, who suffers from sciatica, uses a gopher to get around town and is still a familiar face at the KI Community Centre.

“You can go there for help but you can just go there if you want company or a chat too.

“It’s just tops.”