How Redarc turned coffee into a Donation

April 10, 2017

One of Junction's longest supporters, Redarc, have a unique initiative that involves using coffee to donate to Junction. In the staff room at Redarc you can find a coffee machine that fuels the staff daily, asking only $1 per coffee it produces. The best part? Not only do staff receive a much coveted caffeine hit, Junction are recipients of the profits from the coffee machine.

As you might imagine, over the year these donations add up! We appreciate this initiative as it allows our staff to purchase items for clients and people in need that we otherwise would not be able to easily supply. The most recent donation from Redarc ($1,500) was split three ways with $500 going to Junction House to buy linen, crafts, bean bags and even some fishing rods for the young people who live there. The next $500 was given to Community Connections Hackham who used the money to buy cutlery, plates, cups and other kitchen essentials for children and their parents to use. The final $500 was given to our Homelessness Outreach team to buy much needed food essentials and staples to give away, free of charge, to people experiencing or faced with homelessness in the Southern region.

This initiative by Redarc shows just how far even a small donation can go. When we say that every donations makes a difference, we truly mean it. Thank you to the team at Redarc for needing your caffeine and for making these small donations to our organisation!

To find out more about how your business can support Junction like Redarc, please contact Pauline Coates, our Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Manager to have a chat about how you can make a difference on 08 8203 5700 or email