Home Sweet Home

November 07, 2018


Jane (left) with tenancy officer Liz

Jane had always wanted to own a home of her own but had given up hoping it would happen.

After living in private rental most her life, she joined a co-op, attracted by more affordable rent and secure tenancy.

“The flexible rental arrangements enabled me to study to re-gain my registered nursing qualifications, giving me another phase of working life,” Jane said.

When the co-op ended, Junction took over management of the house. A variety of circumstances allowed Jane to think she could buy the property.

She has now purchased the home she has been living in for the past decade.

The Peterhead property, which settled on October 10, has a small garden and two bedrooms – one which Jane, who is also a freelance editor, uses as a study.

Junction CEO Maria Palumbo said while it was not common or always possible for tenants to purchase the homes they are living in, it was a fantastic outcome for Jane.

“Liz, Jane’s tenancy officer as well as our development and asset team have worked very closely with Jane to make this a reality and we are thrilled to see that she is happy and able to achieve what was really, a life-time dream for her,” Ms Palumbo said.

While her home is comfortable and cosy, Jane said it is the location and community which she loves most of all.

“I walk on the beach a lot, I love walking by the river, I go kayaking around the port and swimming in the beach in summer,” she said.

“More than anything, I love the people I’ve met here. They’re a bunch of really interesting people who I have shared values with. I have always felt very welcome.

“When the chance came up to buy the home, I was immediately keen. It means more than a house. It’s my home, my community and my neighbourhood.”