Helping with Healing - A Privilege for Helen

April 01, 2019


Helen encourages clients to reflect at the beach as a reminder that the world is beautiful.

Helen Dunkley has been working at Junction for more than ten years as our dedicated sexual abuse counsellor.

Over that time, she has supported around 340 clients who have been impacted by a form of abuse that sadly, carries a label for many people.

This is something Helen would like to see change.

“It is a reality that shame is a by-product of having been part of something shameful, even though a person, particularly if a child, had no way to prevent it,” Helen explains.

“These deep-seated feelings like shame and guilt can profoundly affect how someone sees themselves as a person, and it is not an accurate view.”

Helen said she uses education and opportunities for those impacted to explore more of who they are (and would have been) without that label of sexual abuse.

“Because of the tangled lives that are often a prelude to these abuses, there is a need to learn afresh how to assess situations and relationships for safety, trust and sustainability, and to learn strategies to manage their emotions and behaviours to maximise positive life changes,” she said.

“Sometimes it is a mission of slowly building a new sense of self, and dealing with the grief. That is part of accepting what cannot now be changed, but also the hope of what is both possible and necessary."

"I see it is a privilege to be part of someone’s healing.”