Design Win Foundation for Build

October 15, 2020


Hames Sharley has announced three joint winners of the Junction Therapeutic Built Form – Children in Care competition.

Researching designs for primary use as a residential care home for children or young person (YP), the competition invited entrants to consider four key elements in their approach:

  • Careful consideration and balance of the needs and wants of occupants as outlined in the briefing document expressed as design principles - Young People (YP) - Carers
  • The overall experiential and functional quality of the design - How well the design addresses challenges outline in the brief
  • Suitability within selected site context - The project’s adaptability to any site in a suburban context
  • Feasibility and Efficiency - The project’s feasibility both economically and in terms of buildability - The ability to adapt to various locations and configurations

The judging panel made up of five representatives (chaired by Hames Sharley’s Managing Director Caillin Howard) and two young people in Junction’s care, chose three joint winners, each resolving a different aspect of the brief. The Panel decided all three proposals had merit and elements from each which should be developed.

Hames Sharley ran the internal design competition to investigate a place for primary use as a residential care home for YP that will be developed and tested in built form. The selected project will be used as a prototype to inform future designs. This is also an opportunity to develop a set of principles that can be applied nationally and internationally to similar service models to improve the care and outcomes for children under guardianship.

Junction and Hames Sharley ensured children and young people’s voices were included in the development of the design brief along with input from therapeutic support staff working within residential care houses.

Junction CEO Maria Palumbo thanked all the entrants and congratulated the winners.

“The next steps will be drawing the strengths from each winner and forming amalgamated design,” Ms Palumbo said.

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