Brand New Beginning

August 09, 2021


Pedit and Vivianne, who both live in Junction properties.

Christmas came two days early for Pedit when she moved into her new home.

It was a big step for the Junction tenant who had lived in the same property at Plympton Park for 30 years before shifting to the new Melrose Park Apartments on December 23rd.

“Cassa (Junction Housing Manager) came to do a housing inspection during the year and we got talking,” Pedit explains. “My sister was there at the time and I was saying that physically, I hadn’t been able to do what I used to. The house had three bedrooms and a big backyard. It was perfect when my son was little but that was a long time ago now!”

The Melrose Park project, which comprises an architecturally designed apartment complex, has been undertaken in partnership with leading SA development business, Qattro. The site also includes 21 townhouses which have been sold to homebuyers.

“When Cassa first mentioned it I was a bit apprehensive but it just made more and more sense,” Pedit said. “I’m on the ground floor which is perfect for me.

“I’m not one for clutter. I like to keep things tidy. Now I have one bedroom but with very generous living space. All the rooms and areas come off that big space so it’s lovely and open.”

For Pedit, it’s what’s outside her new home – a fig tree estimated to be around 100 years old - that was the “clincher”.

“I have a courtyard where I can see it through the glass doors and it is just beautiful. The birds come in early in the morning and again at night. I have a little gate at the back. “It was a big move for me and a bit daunting but honestly, it was so worth it. I feel so lucky.”