Affordable Living

November 12, 2021

As we look to life past COVID, one thing is certain. Our greatest potential for prosperity lies in the strength and resilience of our people.

However, individuals and communities don’t thrive by chance.

As South Australia’s leading social enterprise, Junction is calling on the Government formed following next year’s State election, to develop a comprehensive Affordable Living policy and strategy.

The ‘Great Australian Dream’ is changing and housing policies need to change with it. Structural reform to the way people can access all forms of housing, particularly for those locked out of home ownership, is critical. Long-term renters (predominantly key workers, skilled migrants and low income earners) while not highly valued in Australian housing policies, are a rapidly growing cohort of the population and we need to do something about this now. But housing is only one of the keys.

Affordable living is broader than affordable housing. It is about making communities more diverse and liveable for a wide mix of people. A well-considered and strategic approach to the delivery of infrastructure in places that offer a range of housing forms for different ages, abilities, incomes and household types, to live, work, shop, learn and connect, is integral for SA’s growth and prosperity.

A comprehensive Affordable Living policy and strategy bringing together all these components under a dynamic long-term plan would have real impact by attracting key and skilled workers to well-located higher density living as well as stimulate economic activity, and deliver financial, environmental and social returns.

Put simply, it’s about giving South Australians places to not just live – but thrive.