A Party for All

August 08, 2019


Singing. Dancing. Face painting – and of course, cake. Our 40th Anniversary community celebration brought together the many faces of our organisation for an afternoon of fun and happiness for all.

More than 100 attended the event last Thursday at Hackham Community Centre – most who were yet to be born when Junction was incorporated in 1979.

CEO Maria Palumbo said it was wonderful to see the many faces who make up our Junction community.

“Some people connect with our organisation at a point in their lives where they are literally at a cross roads, and where we can, it’s about us helping them in the right direction.

“What ever different pathways led us to Junction, the main thing is we are all part of this community and we are all stronger for it.”

A few short ‘formalities’ included a song specially written for Junction in honour of our 40th birthday celebrations. Walking Steady was written and produced by our music group teacher, Sherilee Williams who performed the track live on the day.

Thank you to all those who supported the event with donations of food and discounted services.

Our tenants are also sharing in our anniversary celebrations with themed Pop Up events across our neighbourhoods.

To listen to Walking Steady, by Sherilee Williams, CLICK HERE.