A Celebration of Strength

November 15, 2018


When Sharon found a stable home, she also discovered a talent she didn’t know she had.

“I had never painted before but I was given some brushes so one day, when I felt settled, I started painting,” Sharon, a Junction tenant, said. “I had been living in a shelter (Western Adelaide Domestic Violence Service) so getting housing through Junction was a new start.”

Twelve months on Sharon, a mother-of-five, is seeing the world differently.

She said her recent painting,  ‘A Celebration of Strengths’, reflects her inner strength and overcoming adversity to find contentment.

“My lifetime of experiences has led me to see things differently,” Sharon says. “It’s amazing how much painting and art changes how you look at things. Now I see flowers and I see all the colours in them.

“I think of something and I draw and then paint with acrylics. I like lots of warmth. The strength of women is something I tend to bring out.”