2020 Tenant Gardening Competition

August 12, 2020


Get those green thumbs going - this year's tenant gardening competition has now officially begun! Gardens come in all shapes and sizes so whether you're experienced or just giving it a go, perhaps it's time for your garden to have a spot in the 'lime'-light.

Winners will receive $200, and runner ups will receive $100 in each of this year's categories.

  • Best Front Garden
  • Best Rear Garden
  • Best Veggie Patch
  • Most Creative Garden/Feature
  • Most Attractive Low Maintenance Garden
  • Most Sustainable Garden

Feel free to enter as many categories as you like.

You can even nominate a neighbour, provided they are a Junction tenant.

To enter please email placemaking@junctionaustralia.org.au with images of your garden along with your name, address, contact number and a small blurb on what gardening means to you. If you need assistance sending pictures or have any other questions, please call the Placemaking team on 8275 8700.


Download the Flyer