A Celebration of Strength

November 15, 2018

When Sharon found a stable home, she also discovered a talent she didn’t know she had.

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Junction Christmas Appeal 2018

November 12, 2018

Through Junction’s Christmas Appeal, you can add a little sparkle where it’s needed most.

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Home Sweet Home

November 07, 2018

Jane had always wanted to own a home of her own but had given up hoping it would happen. She has now purchased the home she has been living in for the past decade.

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Annual Report 2017/18

October 30, 2018

We are very excited to share our annual report for this year – a snapshot of our impact on the lives of South Australians over the past 12 months.

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Music With Sherilee

October 26, 2018

Sherilee Williams has been working with the Hackham Community Centre for quite a while now, helping children and families to bond, learn, love and grow through music.

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Not so Pretty: Unmasking Domestic Violence

October 02, 2018

Listen to the audio from Not so Pretty: Unmasking Domestic Violence.

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Radio Interview 5AA

September 25, 2018

Junction's CEO Maria Palumbo talks about Junction’s broad work across the community, including domestic violence education and prevention.

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More Power to Tenants

August 17, 2018

​Junction tenant Arika appreciates, more than most, anything that will help her family cut the cost of power.

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August 15, 2018

Talk about talented! Our recent CreARTive competition was an opportunity for our tenants to showcase their artistic work in various forms – painting, sculpture and photography.

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Struggles of Living out of a Backpack

August 09, 2018

FINDING a couch to sleep on was something Abby Smith faced regularly as a teenager.

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