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This page provides basic information for both the Affordable and Social Housing options we manage as landlords, as well as details about how to register your interest for this housing.

Emergency Housing - Junction does not provide emergency housing. In specific circumstances, we do provide accommodation through our Community Services division depending on availability and eligibility. Click here for information on Homelessness.

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What kind of housing does Junction provide?

  • Affordable Housing: Houses that are allocated to low or moderate income persons or people with particular needs or barriers toward long term sustainable housing, and rent is based on a percentage of income received. Rent is based on a percentage of market rental prices.
  • Social Housing: Houses that are reserved for and allocated to low or moderate income persons or people with particular needs or barriers toward long term sustainable housing, and rent is based on a percentage of income received. Some waiting lists and referrals for this housing group are not managed by Junction, although Junction may consult with other organisations before allocation decisions are made (i.e. decisions about who will receive an offer of housing).

Eligibility criteria for each of our housing options is different. Some of the eligibility requirements depend on:

  • Who owns the property (noting that Junction does not own all of the rental properties it manages as landlord).
  • The support-based reservation that applies to a particular house. Some of the houses managed by Junction can only be occupied by people with special support needs who are supported by particular organisations.

Affordable Housing

Our affordable housing options are aimed at people who have difficulty getting into the private housing market, but who may not otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for our Social Housing options.

Rent is based on a percentage of market rental rates, and household income eligibility limits apply.

Some of our housing is subject to the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). If you wish to be eligible for NRAS Housing, the household income eligibility limits that apply are set by the Australian Department of Social Services. To find out the household eligibility limits and to find out more about NRAS housing, click here to navigate to the Australian Government NRAS website.

Social Housing

To be eligible for this type of income-based rent housing (also known as Community Housing) with Junction, applicants must:

  • Meet the basic eligibility criteria (exceptions to this criteria may apply in extenuating circumstances). The general eligibility includes that the applicant: must live in South Australia, must NOT be a home owner and must meet income and asset eligibility limits or have a need that cannot be met by private rental accommodation.
  • Register their interest in community housing by completing the Public and Community Housing Registration of Interest form, and returning it to Junction or any Housing SA office together with any documents requested in the form.
  • Meet Junction's additional eligibility criteria (each registered Community Housing Provider has their own additional eligibility criteria) including that the applicants: must be over 18 years of age (applies to the primary housing applicant), be prepared to enter into a Tenancy Agreement of not less than three months duration (we do not provide shorter term or emergency housing), have experienced or are experiencing domestic or family violence (applies to primary applicant) and be homeless or at risk of homelessness because of domestic or family violence OR have other special needs at the time of entry into community housing.
  • For social houses we manage that are reserved for people with specific support needs (e.g. Mental Health Housing, Transitional Housing Program and other supported social housing) you will also need to be nominated by the organisation who provides or manages the support attached to these programs. Housing offers for these reserved houses are only available to people that are receiving assistance through the organisation who provides or manages the support attached to that specific house.

Registering Interest

How do I register my interest?

If you would like to be considered for any of our housing options, you need to complete and return a Registration of Interest form and a Housing Needs Assessments form to us, together with any documents you are required to provide. If you are unable to print these documents, please contact us on (08) 8275 8700.

IMPORTANT: We will also need proof of your income and identification. This is needed for any household members over the age of 16 years. Details for these are listed on the Registration of Interest Form.

View Eligibility and Housing Needs Assessments.

View Registration of Interest Checklist.

View Registration of Interest Form.

View Housing Needs Assessment Form (HNA).

What happens once I register my interest?

Once we receive your completed Registration of Interest (ROI) form and all required supporting documents, your details are entered onto the Community Housing Customer Register. Once you have registered on the Community Housing Register, your details can be made available to other community housing providers in South Australia. You may be housed by a different community housing provider in South Australia if and when a house becomes available that you meet the eligibility for.

Based on the information provided in your HNA, each registrant is assigned a housing-need category of 1, 2 or 3 (category 1 being the highest need).

A confirmation letter will be sent to you (or the nominated contact or Support Worker indicated in your ROI) setting out your registration number and the category of need you have been allocated.

If and when your circumstances change after you have been registered, it is your responsibility to let us know. After you have been registered, any changes in your circumstances must be notified in writing using the Change of Circumstance form below.

View Change of Circumstance Form form.

Junction can access your information from the Community Housing Customer register should a suitable property become available for which you are eligible. Even if you have special circumstances it may still take a very long time before you are offered a property. This is because there may be other applicants with special circumstances who have already been approved for earlier housing assistance or the properties that become available may not match your circumstances.

Please note that waiting times for available housing can vary, and may take years. This can be the case even if you have special circumstances. This is because demand for community housing in South Australia far exceeds the number of houses that community housing providers have available.

If you are at risk of becoming homeless or are currently homeless there are other options and services that may be available to you. The following gateway services can assist you:

Youth Gateway Service on 1800 807 364 (youth specific, free call, weekdays 7am – 7pm)

Generic Homelessness Gateway Service on 1800 003 308 (all ages, free call, available 24/7)

Domestic Violence Gateway Helpline – 1800 800 098 (free call, available 24/7)