27 May 2021


For Bruce, some recent maintenance upgrades at his Plympton property has meant more to him than home improvements. It’s been a fresh start.

“In 2019, my marriage broke down then I was made redundant – it was a very hard time,” the 53-year-old explains.

“Having the work done on the house, new ceilings and internal painting, was like a clean slate. Soon after, I got a new job and from there things started to fall back into place."

“I’m also getting new flooring in the next few weeks too, which will really complete things.”

Bruce said the housing upgrades to his property were just part of the support he had received from Junction over the past 18 months.

“When my marriage ended I was really worried I’d lose my house but Cassa (Housing Manager) was so supportive. She sat down with me and showed me where I could access concessions to help with electricity and utility payments to help manage things. Then with the housing work, Brett (Project Maintenance officer) has been so hands-on. They’ve both been very understanding.

“I’m so house-proud now.”

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