February 2022

Food and Thought

Since becoming a volunteer with Meals on Wheels SA (MoW SA) in late 2005, Oaklands Park resident Debbie has played an integral role in getting nutritious meals out to those who need it most.
Along with her driver David, a volunteer of 22 years, she is part of the MoW SA Warradale team which cooks, packages and delivers around 150 meals each week day.

“I really enjoy doing it because the clients are so grateful. Sometimes you are the only person they talk to all day.”

“A few times they have been very sick or had a fall and I have been told ‘You saved my life’. Who couldn’t feel good after that?” Debbie said.
Meals on Wheels SA was founded in 1954. Since then, it has delivered over 50 million meals to South Australians.
The service is more than just food deliveries. For some, it provides much-needed social interactions and, in other cases, has triggered life-saving welfare checks.
With people confined to their homes due to COVID, the demand for deliveries has sky-rocketed.
It is only through the support of dedicated volunteers who step-up week after week to help, that the service is able to continue providing support.

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