Junction is committed to providing all Clients and/or Stakeholders with the opportunity to comment about the nature of service or contact you have experienced with us.

Making a Comment, Compliment or Complaint

Please click through to the Feedback Register to submit your Comment, Compliment or Complaint or phone us on 8203 5700.

Feedback may be made in person, by telephone or email. Please provide our staff with your contact details if you require a response.

How we will handle your Complaint

  1. It will be brought to the attention of the General Manager of the relevant Service who will determine the person best placed to assess the issue raised.
  2. You will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint throughout the process.
  3. We will seek to provide a response in an efficient, fair and timely manner.
  4. The information you provide will only be used by Junction to assess and resolve your complaint.
  5. All information provided will remain confidential.

Speaking Up

We place great importance on fostering a culture that encourages employees and others that partner with Junction to speak up and report any conduct they believe to be inappropriate. Safe avenues are available for those who want to raise concerns, whilst also providing the appropriate support. This could be as simple as one of our employees having an informal discussion with their manager, through to using the formal channels we have set up to make speaking up simpler.

Our dedicated Speak Up Online Service is one of those formal channels. This service is available to any individual who is, or has been a director, employee, secondee, contractor, consultant, supplier, service provider (or their employee or subcontractor), volunteers, licensee (or its authorised representative or their employee), broker or auditor of, or working with, Junction. Relatives or dependents of these individuals (or of their spouse) are also eligible to raise concerns through our formal channels. We encourage certain third parties, such as suppliers or service providers, to report concerns they may see in their interactions with Junction and, by the same token, encourage reporting the conduct of these third parties.

Identifying potential problems and risks allows Junction to continue to improve the way it does business and provide the best possible service to our clients.

Whistleblower Policy

Sometimes individuals making a report may be concerned about being identified, or any potential repercussions that may come from speaking up. Our Whistleblower Policy is designed to encourage and support individuals to report issues, knowing that it is safe to do so. The Whistleblower Policy provides protections to persons making reports under the policy.

Our Whistleblower Policy defines what type of conduct can be reported. This includes actions which are:

  • Dishonest
  • Fraudulent
  • Corrupt
  • Illegal
  • Unethical
  • Breaches policies or procedures, including safety at work
  • Potentially damaging to Junction, a worker or third party, such as unsafe work practices, environmental damage, health risks or abuse of Junction’s property or resources
  • Involves any other kind of misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances

Junction has Whistleblower Protection Officers, whose role is to oversee the protection and wellbeing of whistleblowers.

How do individuals get in touch?

There are a number of ways our people and others associated with Junction can report any concerns about conduct they believe doesn’t feel right. These include:

  • Our people having a conversation with their Manager;
  • Speaking with an Executive Team member, Junction Board Director or identified Whistleblower Protection Officer if they wish to report concerns under the Whistleblower Policy. This can be done by speaking in person, by phone or via email.
  • Contacting the Speak Up Online Service if they are uncomfortable or not able to go through internal channels, would like to report anonymously, or make a report under Junction’s Whistleblower Policy:

Read the Whistleblower Policy.