February 2022

Back in Motion

Breaking free from a cycle of homelessness and domestic violence wasn’t easy for Christies Downs resident Amy – but now in her mid-20s, she finally feels in control again.

Having had a rough start after moving from England, Junction initially supported Amy until she successfully obtained her very first private rental – where she and her young children looked forward to settling down.

With the birth of Amy’s third child during this time, everything was looking up.

However, this all ground to a halt when ongoing health issues and a severe relationship breakdown forced Amy and her family to re-enter the homelessness cycle.

With nowhere else to turn, Amy re-connected with Junction and soon moved into a Transitional Property – where, without giving up, she continued to try to get back into the private rental market.

Eventually, Amy received the news that set everything back in motion – a long-term property offer through Junction. After years of uncertainty, Amy felt as though she could finally move forward again.

“I cried tears of joy. I could finally give my children a stable home to settle down in.”

“I don’t know how bad my life would’ve been without it,” she said.

Now looking forward to the future, Amy is well on her way toward achieving the goals she previously had to postpone – including completing her Certificate 3 in Childcare.

“No matter how hard you think life is going, never give up,” she said. “If you can overcome the bad days, you’ll get even better ones.”

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