Reconciliation Action Plan


Reflect is Junction’s first Reconciliation Action Plan.

The plan is based on a strong belief across the organisation that reconciliation is everybody’s responsibility. Defined as ‘coming together’ reconciliation is about understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture and history and gaining and maintaining respectful relationships now and in the future.

The plan will guide the organisation in staying accountable and on track in truly demonstrating our commitment to reconciliation.

Making this project particularly special is that the artwork for the Plan was provided by a local artist and Junction client, Emmarita.

There are many elements to the story behind the painting including Emmarita’s experiences and her local community.

She said the centre of the painting represents the “carers, social workers and support workers, who all join together as a safe place and healthy relationships with young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.”

“The outer top corners are the young people connecting through strength and resilience and the guidance of the communities, as young people are committed to work together to create their opportunities for healing, growth and a brighter future,” Emmarita said.

“The blue tracks leading between the centre and the corners are the young people’s pathways as they begin to create a safe path that will eventually lead the young people to a place they can call home, and the bottom half represents the Onkaparinga lands.”

The Reconciliation Action Plan committee, a dedicated staff working group, developed the Plan in consultation with staff and continues to drive Reconciliation through a range of support and initiatives across Junction.


Celebrating in the Community

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