Reconciliation Action Plan


Innovate is the next stage of Junction’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

The plan captures new steps in our continued commitment to reconciliation.

“This Plan will help us build on the foundation of Reflect, our first plan, to break down barriers, forge more connections and invest in opportunities to build community,” CEO Maria Palumbo said.

“It involves taking new steps and going further to embed Reconciliation in everything we do – from recruitment and procurement right through to how we deliver our services to clients and tenants.

“It won’t always be easy – the things most necessary seldom are – but we will be driven by a relentless commitment to listen more and do better.”

Thank you to the Reconciliation Action Group and other staff and service providers who contributed to the new Plan.


The Reconciliation Action Plan committee, a dedicated staff working group, developed the Plan in consultation with staff and continues to drive Reconciliation through a range of support and initiatives across Junction.

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