Libby Kosmala OAM

Junction Community Ambassador

In 1972, Libby Kosmala headed to Heidelberg, Germany to compete at her first ever Paralympic Games. Libby is one of our most decorated shooters and made her 11th appearance when she competed in London. With nine Paralympic gold medals next to her name in shooting, Libby has been awarded a Medal of the Order in Australia in 1985, Australian Sports Medal in 2000, a Centenary Medal in 2001 and most recently was recognised as Australia’s 13th Greatest Sportswomen of all time. Libby competed in the National Shooting Championships in March 2013 and won one event and was runner-up in two others at the age of 70 years – a remarkable performance.

Libby has been highly involved in paid and voluntary positions in the community service sector and on Government and non-government boards of state and national organisations for 45 years. Libby is currently on the national board of the Australian Health Practitioners, Registration and Notification Agency.

Libby became a Junction Ambassador in October 2013.

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