Brenton Ragless

Junction Media Ambassador

Born in South Australia, Brenton Ragless has an extensive background in broadcast media, public relations, emergency services, meteorology, defense and tourism. Prior to becoming a Presenter on Channel 9 in 2008, Brenton earned national media exposure in providing commentary on fires and other disasters as a spokesperson for the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) as well as a fire and emergency reporter for ABC Radio.

Outside of Channel 9, Brenton is a regular event host, speaker and commentator, and still provides support to the CFS as an advocate for fire safety and prevention, assisting with training modules and providing ground support to air operations.

Community service is one of Brenton's core values, which led him to becoming an Ambassador for Junction.

"I've always been passionate about organisations that respond to the needs of disadvantaged people and helping them to achieve a higher quality of life," he said.

"This is where I feel I can help as an Ambassador, to simply be a voice on behalf of Junction and to increase awareness of the critical role they play in the community."

"Having also come from a background in Emergency Service, I truly understand and value the importance of crisis management through prevention, response and recovery".

Aside from Junction, Brenton is also an ambassador for the CFS Foundation, Professional Firefighters Foundation, 'Watch Around Water' safety initiative, Jodi Lee Foundation, School's Ministry Group, Masters Swimming and the State Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

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