Junction is committed to meaningful change to improve customer outcomes based on sound research and evidence. To support this, Junction commenced a three year research partnership with the University of Adelaide in 2018. The partnership provides Junction with expertise and knowledge to strengthen its position as a social innovator through three key areas:

  • Development and implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to measure and showcase the value of Junction’s work;
  • Research to understand the internal impact of change on Junction; and
  • Research to understand the social policy environment in which Junction seeks to have a positive impact.

Monitoring and evaluation framework.

Monitoring and evaluation is critical in all of Junction’s work. A set framework for each portfolio enables systematic data collection, data analysis, and comparison and sound knowledge to improve Junction’s services.

The University and Junction have partnered to develop an Outcomes framework based on existing research that guides service development and reform within the organisation.

The University has also examined Junction’s positive impact against the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Junction Impact Report: SDGs.


Impact of change.

The University has also assisted Junction to understand internal responses to internal and external changes. As a result Junction has been able to implement new strategies to support staff and customers. Key outputs include:

Social policy environment.

The University supports Junction to understand the social policy environment in which Junction seeks to have a positive impact. Key outputs for this work include:

Social inclusion in transition to renewable energy.


Other research output related to the partnership include:

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