Junction is committed to meaningful change to improve client outcomes based on sound research and evidence. To support this, Junction commenced a three year research partnership with the University of Adelaide in 2018. The partnership provides Junction with the expertise and knowledge to strengthen its position as a social innovator.

The partnership has three main outcomes:

  1. Develop and implement a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to measure and showcase the value of Junction’s work;
  2. To understand the internal impact of change on Junction; and
  3. Assess new opportunities for innovation.

Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Monitoring and evaluation is critical in all of Junction’s work. A set framework for each portfolio enables systematic data collection, data analysis and comparison and sound knowledge to improve Junction’s services.

The UoA & Junction have partnered to develop an Outcomes framework based on existing research that guides service development and reform within the organization.

To understand the internal impact of change.

A part of the partnership is to develop an understanding of how Junction as an organization responds internally to change. As a result Junction have been able to implement new strategies and support to enable smoother transitions during a time which is often considered to be daunting. For example, this includes the implementation of new systems and most recently how Junction responded to COVID-19.

Assess new opportunities for innovation.

The University of Adelaide provides insight into new opportunities that will enable Junction to grow and develop.