Zach's Story

Zach's Story

When he was just a child, Zach* was sexually abused by a trusted neighbour. This trauma followed him through to adolescence, when at 15 years of age, mental health issues took control of his life, and he dropped out of high school.

At 16 his family broke down, leaving him feeling even angrier than ever, so he left home and started couch surfing with friends and relatives. He was always a creative boy, and loved to design and make things, although he never saw this as being anything more than a wasted hobby.

Zach came to Junction after a few months of couch surfing. He was alone, angry and was suffering from severe mental illness. Junction supported Zach by providing him with a safe space to live in a Youth Transitional Property and encouraged Zach to re-engage with his education and seek support for his mental health.

In late 2016, Zach sat the STAT test to get into a university. To his surprise, he was successful, and in 2017 Zach began his first year studying a Bachelor of Design and Technology at Flinders University.

Zach is still supported by Junction and continues to live in one of our community homes and is supported for his mental health and childhood trauma. He is excelling at university and looks forward to a career where he can use his talents, create beautiful things and support himself.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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