12 April 2023


Anthony in his home.

For 24-year-old Anthony, a once distant goal of home ownership has recently become a reality.

Anthony, who works in insurance, had always seen himself breaking into the property market further down the line. However, when a two-bedroom apartment became available at Junction’s Camden Park development, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I’d thought about buying a home before, but not with any serious consideration. When I saw this opportunity, I thought it could be my best chance to get onto the property ladder.”

The $20 million Camden Park development – Junction’s largest to date – comprises 54 architecturally designed townhouses and apartments on Anzac Highway. Of those who purchased a home within the development, many were first homebuyers.

“As a first homebuyer, I did get a little bit overwhelmed once everything started to kick in,” Anthony said. “But everything was explained to me clearly. Over the course of the journey, I started to understand everything there was to buying a home.”

Having previously lived with his parents, Anthony is now enjoying his own space. This, along with the apartment’s modern design, reduced market rate and convenient location helped ‘seal the deal’ for Anthony.

“It’s located half-way between my parent’s home and where I work, with a tram line running from Glenelg to the city. It’s just very convenient,” he said.

Discovering an unexpected community of like-minded peers within the apartment block has also helped Anthony settle.

“They’ve all been super nice, and most are around my age which is really comforting considering the market at the moment,” he said. “I’ve already had nice notes passed in the letter boxes. It’s as much of a community as it could be.”

Also a musician, Anthony is currently converting his spare room into a personal music studio.

“Music has always been a massive part of my life so just having the space for it helps so much,” he said. “I’m looking forward to being creative in that home studio, and just sort of build my music career.”

“It’s a hobby right now, but I’m hoping that the dream can become reality.”

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