Winter Appeal 2017

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Everyone deserves the chance of a brighter future. 

Our Winter Appeal for 2017 is focusing on young people in our community who deserve a brighter future. Many young people turn to Junction Australia at a time of crisis in their young lives. Some have lived on the streets, been couch surfing, abusing substances, skipping school or battling mental health issues. 

These young people are left feeling hopeless, isolated and as if nobody cares for their well-being. At times this leads to risky behaviour, homelessness, and sadly, even suicide. 

Junction Australia is committed to working with young people in these situations to see a brighter future. We offer counselling, housing, mentoring, re-engagement with education and career guidance. Unfortunately, due to the large number of young people we support, we must rely on the generosity and helping hand of those in the community who are able to give.

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Rachel's Story

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 How you can help us help them


Large or small, all contributions are beneficial and enable Junction Australia’s skilled staff to work with those in our community who most need support. Please find our donation form included on the inside of this brochure.

Click here to donate today.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is where employees give small, regular donations to a charity from their pre-tax pay. It’s a simple and effective way to make our communities a better place for all.


Make a bequest that can leave an enduring impact well into the future.

Volunteering at our events

We appreciate your time and effort to help us conduct events and fundraising.

Charity of choice

From morning tea to quiz nights! Any event that you wish to organise that collects donations. Junction Australia would love to be your charity of choice for these donations. Your business can also become one of our Socially Responsible Business Partners. For more information on this please visit our website.


To find out more about any of these options please contact Pauline Coates at, or call (08) 8203 5700.

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