Tenant Support

Junction Australia do not provide emergency accommodation.  

If you are filling out a Dual  Public & Community  Housing Application or a Community Housing & NRAS Registration of interest form, please note that these may require a letter of support.  People who write letters of support are usually:

  • Social workers
  • Medical professionals and specialists
  • Police
  • Community, disability or health workers.

You can locate services in your area through the SA Community website. To navigate your way to accommodation services follow the dot points below:

  • Choose the ‘search’ option
  • Type in ‘accommodation’
  • Choose the Council area you want to live in

You should now have a list of accommodation providers.

If you require any further assistance in accessing support please contact Junction Australia on 08 8210 7000. 



Junction Australia’s registered national community
housing provider is Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd.

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