Effective Parenting Programs

Parenting Courses

Junction Australia continues to provide targeted Effective Parenting Programs which promote and support the development of effective parenting skills and healthy, thriving families.

“Who’s in Charge?”

This program addresses issues around child and adolescent violence and abuse towards parents and/or other family members.


“Step-Up” is the course where the Parents and the young people attend at the same time. It is run in the evening and is quite unique, but also quite unpredictable!

We work with both groups either separately or together around the issues of “respectful relationships” (using the wheels which are feature on the attached Step-Up flyer)

The young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and the parents are taught parenting skills around dealing with their young people better.

We have dinner together and this is an integral part of developing a “community feel / a trusting environment / and also the fact that we sit down together and enjoy the food is great modelling for them to try at home".


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