Giving Every Chance for Every Child in South Australia

Junction Australia and Together SA brought Nigel Richardson from Leeds, UK, to speak to South Australians on how we can give 'Every Chance for Every Child' in SA.

In five years Leeds has turned around outcomes for vulnerable children, can we do the same in South Australia?

Nigel is the Director of Children’s Services for the Leeds City Council (UK), whose work is recognised internationally. Under Nigel’s leadership, ‘Child friendly Leeds’ has become a shining example of collective impact: an ongoing city-wide effort to improve outcomes for all children, young people, and families.

Click here for the 'Every Chance for Every Child' Summary Report 

Every Chance for Every Child Conferences

Keynote Speaker Nigel Richardson was in Adelaide to share the city’s inspiring story of what it took to change a system from consistently failing its children and young people into the highest rated local authority in the UK.

Attendees listened to how they could:

  • Mobilise a community that puts children and young people at the centre of social and economic growth strategy

  • Involve children and young people in the thinking, planning, and 
    action processes
  • Practically apply outcomes based accountability methodology
  • Use data and technical expertise to inform strategy and track outcomes for continuous improvement


Nigel Richardson also presented at the following forums: 

  • Reception Event with State Leaders and Change Champions
  • Masterclass: What Would it Take? (People – Structure – Systems)
  • Key Policy Makers Forum & Plenerary Session

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Southern Conference

Northern Conference

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