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Fire and smoke can kill: Risk of death in a house fire quadruples without a working smoke alarm.

When you go to sleep, so does your sense of smell. Having a working smoke alarm may give you and your loved ones the time you need to escape a house fire. That is why Junction Australia annually tests and/or replaces the smoke alarm in your home.

A working smoke alarm will alert you to fire but it’s also very important to have a rehearsed home fire escape plan so that if a fire does start, everyone in your family knows how to escape quickly and safely. Please make the time to read the Smoke Alarms, Home Fire Escape Plan and How to make your home fire safe brochures and take action today!

If you require assistance understanding the brochures, or want to talk to somebody for further information and advice relating to home fire safety, please contact the MFS Community Safety & Resilience Department using the contact information contained in the brochures.

A little time spent reading these brochures and taking action now may save you and your loved ones a lifetime of loss due to tragic, preventable death and injury. 


Home Fire Escape Plan

Smoke Alarms

How to make your home fire safe

To download these brochures in other languages, click here.



  • Never disconnect a smoke alarm from its power source
  • Smoke outside and make sure your cigarette is extinguished (wet them) 
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Never leave lit cigarettes unattended and keep matches and lighters well out of reach of children
  • Always leave at least 2 metres between heaters and clothes/furniture/curtains 
  • Never leave combustible materials (e.g. petrol, oil, fire lighters) near naked flames or heaters
  • If you see or smell smoke or fire, phone 000 immediately and ask for the Fire Brigade. There is NO cost to call the Fire Brigade and NO cost for them to attend at your home. So if you’re in doubt, call 000!

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