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“The future is not a destination toward which we are passively heading. Rather, it is something that we are actively creating through our every decision and action. Therefore, we must continue to engage in courageous conversations about where we are headed and what must be done”


Junction Australia is an independent not-for-profit, community organisation with a proud heritage of dynamically responding to the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged children, young people and families in South Australia for more than 36 years.

People often come to Junction Australia at a point of crisis because they know that our staff really understand how complex and challenging life can be. We recognise that many people just need a bit of help to move through difficult circumstances, so our approach is to identify and build upon the strengths of individuals so that they can make positive choices for their future and regain control of their lives. 

Junction Australia works collaboratively with groups and individuals, other organisations and government agencies to develop and deliver an increasingly diverse range of support and intervention services which enable people to cope more effectively with their current circumstances. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that the unmet needs of the complex families and vulnerable children that our staff work with every day, far exceeds the scope of government-funded programs. We therefore very much appreciate the support of socially responsible businesses, generous groups and individuals that enable us to fulfil our mission. 

By working together we know we can assist people to resolve many challenges and achieve great things. We are therefore very keen to strengthen the links between people, so that community members can encourage and support each other. 

We welcome expressions of interest from people seeking employment or to volunteer with us and also from those who may have capacity to financially support our work.Please contact us if you wish to know more about what we do or how you can become involved.

Graham Brown MPA
Chief Executive Officer

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Junction Australia’s registered national community
housing provider is Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd.

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